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Upstage Comedy Lounge and Art Addikts have come together to create a fashion collection for the people with a sense of humor. Using the comedy stylings of crazy characters created by the owner of Upstage Comedy Lounge such as S.O.I.L, a satitre saturated poet filled with sarcasm and humorous hypocrisy, to inspire graphic tees, hoodies, and novelty products that will most definitely be eye catchers and conversation starters.



Who is S.O.I.L.?

You haven't experienced poetry until you've experienced the deep richness of S.O.I.L. A woke individual with a love for sleep, who treats his body like a temple by practicing veganism but has a healthy appetite for a ribeye. S.O.I.L. is also a retired gangsta Christian Rapper. You might have heard his two singles "Gang Banging Apostle" and "Praise Out with Your Strap Out". If you're ready to transcend poetically, then you must dig deep into the S.O.I.L.


Available Online and at Upstage Comedy Lounge

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


If you are looking for a comedy club, look no further than Upstage Comedy Lounge. Located in San Antonio, TX, we have a friendly and professional staff that provides prompt service for a pleasant dining experience. We value our customers and strive to make your meal satisfying and fun.

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